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How to Root Android Phone With PC

Rooting a phone is simply making your phone equal to task a normal phone cant withstand. It can also be a modification…And i think this is a must read post for this topic.

Android root

Have you ever thought of a thing like rooting an android phone with PC?
We have got lots of Writers,Bloggers and more others especially those in the field of computer trying to reach out this particular topic to the world in other to solve this issue of Rooting since Android came on board.

How to root android phone with pc

FAQ: Is it safe to root your phone?


While rooting is popular amongst some advanced users, there are significant risks of rooting devices, especially in corporate environments. Beyond the fact that a device’s warranty will be voided or that the device may be “bricked,” meaning it no longer functions, there are also notable security risks involved which i would advice you subscribe to our notification in other to be notified as soon as that topic is published to our Tech Tricks Page.
Rooting a phone is simply making your phone equal to task a normal phone cant withstand. And it can also be a modification process to the original system, in which the limitations are removed and full-access is allowed and thus resulting in the ability to alter or replace system applications and settings, run specialized apps and even facilitate the removal and replacement of the device’s operating system with a custom one.


Rooting your android phone is not just important but necessary in this 21st century.

So in this post we are going to give you just 12 steps to follow and you have your android phone rooted. Now what is rooting in the first place?
I have explained it before in simple terms that “Rooting a phone is simply making your phone equal to task a normal phone cant withstand”

Now let’s go.
1. Free download kingdoroot.apk
2. Install and launch KingoRoot.
3. Press “One Click Root” on the main interface.
4. Wait a few seconds until the result appear.
5. Try a few more times for different rooting methods if failed.
6. If still failed, refer to KingoRoot Android PC Version, which has a higher success chance.

Now is everything going find with the process on how to root android phone with pc? if Yes

7.Then make sure your device powered ON at least 50% battery level, internet connection necessary, USB Cable (the original one recommended).
Now double click the desktop icon of Kingo Android Root and launch it.

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Try to enable USB debugging mode on your Android device.
USB Debugging mode enabled is a necessary step on how to root android phone with pc
Now try to pay attention to your device screen for a prompt window. Tick “Always allow from this computer”. If you don’t, you will probably get yourself an offline device.

9. Try to read the notifications carefully before rooting your device.
Android rooting is nothing big. However, it is not exactly a small issue either. Rooting your device may open a door for you, and yet with risks.
10. Click “ROOT” to root your device.
Remember we are still on how to root android phone with pc-Kingo Android Root will employ multiple exploits on your device, which will probably take a couple of minutes. In the rooting process, your device may be rebooted several times. Do not be panic, it is perfectly normal. And once it begins, please DO NOT touch, move, unplug or perform any operation on your device.

11. Root succeeded.
Hopefully your device is well supported and successfully rooted by Kingo. Until your device reboots itself, do not operate

12. Check the root status of your device.
Normally, you will find an app named “SuperUser” installed on your device after successful rooting.

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