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What a student Should do before graduating High School

With the statistics gotten from our long research to prepare this post we just discovered that even if you are a baby-faced freshman or senior ready to graduate, every student has their own college bucket list, the things they just have to do or see before they graduate from School . College or University is a place where you learn 65% of what you need in life because you will fine people who will help design you in your career path, while so many people are betting on your attention while in College you don’t have to be distracted from the main goal.

Without thinking too hard, take a pen and a piece of paper and write down a list of things you want to do in college. Then check out the list below, and see how many items match your list. If you haven’t achieved these goals already, you don’t need to cry hard but just buckle down and start crossing things off your bucket list today!

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Live with a roommate

Most colleges require freshmen to live in dorms, so you can cross this item off your college to-do list quite easily. But even if you decide not to stay in the dorm your freshmen year, seriously consider Living with a roommate at one point in your college life though your life style might differ in vars manner. Living with someone besides your family can be uncomfortable at first, but you learn to be more considerate of others. Also, with a roommate, you can share the burden of housework, rent, and the fear of growing to be independent. Who knows? Your roommate might be your long-lost soul mate.

Become a campus couple


You’re in college, you’re young, and you’re surrounded by a bunch of other (super cute) students who are so much like you. Before you know it, you’re in love. Enjoy it! Campus can be a surprisingly romantic place to go on date; enjoy a picnic for lunch, watch a school theater performance, and finish the night with a walk around the campus. Don’t put pressure on yourself to find The One, but also don’t hesitate to love in college.

Study abroad

Just go up to any college graduate and ask about their most memorable experience in college. The answer, I guarantee, is the always same: studying abroad. Living and attending college in a faraway land can be intimidating, but with risk comes opportunities. Studying abroad gives you a chance to experience foreign cultures, master new languages, and make friends all over the world! Get out of your campus lecture halls – book a flight to visit ones around the globe.

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While you endeavor in your studies abroad, you should also take a moment to volunteer in foreign countries (what a lucky coincidence). You can also volunteer through programs offered by organizations like Projects and International Students Volunteers But don’t forget about all the important causes and amazing nonprofits nearby either! Many college student unions will list local volunteer opportunities, and it’s always easy enough to do a Google search for “volunteer opportunities [your city]” to find plenty of options.

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Join a campus club

In high school, you might’ve joined a few clubs and played some sports. Or maybe you weren’t given many options to choose from. Well, college is a whole new world—and it’s all about exploring your interests. You get to decide which classes to take, but even better, you have the privilege of choosing which student-run organizations to join—or maybe even start yourself! What sparks your interest? Music, arts, sports, service, religion, politics, or culture? Whatever it is, there is probably a club on your campus for it, so go explore your passion.

Work at internships and jobs

Don’t forget to continue building your résumé in college. Working as an intern provides firsthand experience of prospective careers in your field (or fields!) and enables you to gain professional skills. Some internships offer college credit and/or pay. And if you (like so many of us) need a source of steady income, consider working a part-time job too. You can learn to be more prudent and responsible while supporting yourself financially.

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Make the dean’s list

A dean’s list is an honor bestowed on students who are excelling academically. The requirements vary from one school to another, but the GPA cutoff is generally around 3.5. Certainly, making the dean’s list is no piece of cake, but the challenge is worth an attempt. Having your name on the list can lead to scholarship opportunities and invitations to special celebratory events and outings. Achieve your full learning potential in college—after all, you are there to learn.

Pull an all-nighter

You are probably imagining one of two pictures: first, you’re sitting at your desk, furiously studying for your finals and internally screaming, “Sleep is for the weak!” Or, second, you are chatting, dancing, and snacking the night away with your closest friends. Whichever scenario you prefer (warning: the first one might be inevitable), make it your goal to pull an all-nighter sometime during your college experience. Watch the sky from sunset to sunrise. Make unforgettable memories with your friends. You might feel tired the next day, but you won’t regret it.

Attend a school sports event

Not a sports fan? It’s okay! You don’t have to know or even love any sports to enjoy a college game, including soccer, basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse—just name them. Spend a Friday night with your friends, in heat of the games, cheering excitedly for your school’s team. Dress up in school colors to show support. Go crazy, and unleash your school spirit.

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Hit the Road

This is every college student’s dream. And it’s never too late to make it come true. Even just a few weeks before graduation, go on a road trip with your friends. You don’t have to spend hours or days planning a perfect trip. There is a ton of fun in the spontaneity of road trips, and with your closest friends by your side, any obstacles along the way can be overcome. In fact, the more challenges you face during your travels, the more memories you will later have to cherish throughout your life. Don’t think about it too much. Just hit the road.

Hit Your CGP to Peak

This is one of the most important of all, many students have failed in this, when you gain admission newly into a College or University, from experience First year as a Freshman is the most tormenting period in college because you will be trying to get used to the new environment and system at same point running your admission clearance followed by your final year when you have already known the system but faced with Project issues.

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Your CGP is what will attest all that you have been doing so far in your years spent in College/University…..so please always look at it before considering most of the above.

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