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cold process soap Making Recipes

Liquid soap

Step by step cold process soap making recipes in simple Preparation of Liquid Soap..

Keep the following items on ground before starting……

Water About 20liters
Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) About 1 cup
Sodium Laury Sulphate (SLS) About 1 cup
Glycerin 1/2 bottle
Perfume or Fragrance As you desire
Preservative (Formaline) About 20ml
Natrosol Ikg
Sulphonic Acid 2liters
Color As you desire
Texapon 0.5kg
Light ash or Soda ash 0.5kg

Water: is the base ingredient
Light ash: serves as a stain remover, it helps to soften hard water too
STPP: acts as a foam booster
SLS: Also helps in foaming too but main function is to break surface tension to allow better interraction with other chemicals.
Natrosol: Acts as thickning agent
Color: For attraction of the soap
Perfum: Fragrance
Glycerine: Cleansing agent,mild on skin and brightends skin too when use for bathing
Sulphuric Acid: Major foaming agent

Before starting this preparation make sure you have a bowl and a spoon (Finely prepared metal/wood)
Keep open all the solid materials(STPP,SLS,Light arch and Natrosol) and pure in a bowl and mix.
Pure water into the mixture and then stire immediately
Pure in the Texapo and stir to dissolve
Pour Glycerin and stir to dissolve.
Pour the sulphuric acid. Make sure your bowl is big enough els you product will spill off because of the foaming couse bu sulphuric acid
Dissolve color with littlewuantity of water. Add and stir
Pure in Preservative
Add your perfume into the mixture ans stir. The foam will settle down aftre some minute or hours deppending on the thickness (Concentration) of your product.
You have succeeded in making you Original Liquid soap that cant spoil even kept till five-ten (5-10)years.

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