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5 Disappointments People Often Face

Disappointment is sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations. and in this post i’m going to disclose those particular point that people often face and how to deal with them. hope you read to the end in order to have an insight of this post.

Actually life is indeed not a bed of roses. We all had dreams and aspirations when we were younger, but not all of them were actualized. However, in this article, we will share with you the top disappointments people often face in life. Since anger comes alongside with disappointment, you can also read our previous post on how to deal with your anger .

Top 5 Disappointments People Often Face In Life

1. Education

Education is one of the disappointments people often face in life. There are several people out there who had dreams of going to a first generation Federal University but end up going to a State Polytechnic.

Furthermore, I know of several who dreamt of becoming medical doctors but due to admission frustration and other factors beyond their control, they ended up studying animal science, zoology, biology education, Agricultural economic etc.

2. Life After School

During our undergraduate days, we all had dreams on where we are going to work. As a matter of fact, some of us believed we were going to work in top-notch multinational corporations, oil and gas firms etc.

Unfortunately, life happens and here we are struggling for survival in a one-man business, working as contract staff in banks and some become entrepreneurs as last resort.

3. Marriage

Marriage is one of the most common disappointments people often face in life. We all dreamt of marrying the best spouse who will give us a happy home. Sadly, 45 percent of this dream never came to past as some people ended up marrying the wrong person.

4. Child Birth

After marriage couples sometimes look forward to having kids almost immediately. Sometimes, the kids don’t come as expected. Some may spend years waiting for God’s miracle to have children, while others get kids almost immediately. This is one of the disappointment couples often face after marriage.

5. Retirement

Retirement is also among the disappointments people often face in life. Some people have dreams of building a beautiful house in the countryside and move there after retirement. As a matter of fact, they dream to have fun, spend time by the beach and many more.

Sadly, most people will end up being bored and lonely after retirement.


In a nutshell I would say…If you have a dream, pursue it with all perseverance and hard work then give it a little time.

“Don’t Take decisions when you are angry & Do not make promises when you are happy”

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