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Essential Tips to Have a Good Night Rest and Morning

Good Night Rest

Best Sleeping Tips

Sleeping is not only to relaxes us, but was also supposed to recharge us by renewing our muscles strength. So always indulge yourself in soft sheets, re-charge your body and enjoy every moment to take on the day. Here’s how to do so by having a good night rest.

  • Do not forget that you sense differently every fabric touching your body.Covering your skin with hundred per cent cotton will bring along the perfect night and morning experience. Thanks to its warmth, slipping through into reality will be soft and peaceful.
  • Put comfortable cloth slippers next to your bed or wear thick socks. Keeping your feet warm is important; it influences the heat sensation of the body.


    • A loose-fitting pyjama is always the best choice. It will protect you from feeling cold and in the same time will not cling to your body every time you turn in the bed.
    • Avoid drinking strong coffees or cold beverages before going to bed and after waking up. Green teas are rich of natural aromas and vitamins and give you a very gentle push into reality. Use honey instead of sweetener or sugar in your hot drinks.
    • Sleep with cotton or pure wool bed sheets as those fabrics are natural and provide comfort to the body.
    • Wash your bed sheets at least every other week! Sleeping in clean, fresh sheets will make your night rest more efficient for a great next day.
    • Enhance the pleasant feeling and use Lenor that enriches the sleeping experience. It brings out the most of your nights and mornings, and gives your clothes the kindest touch on your skin.

  • Your senses are awake, even if you are not. Let the soft, warm bed surround your body with the softest touch. 
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