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Best ways to gain twitter followers

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Best ways to gain twitter followers
Have you ever heard or thought of a question like how does one go about getting people to follow you on twitter or get twitter followers? Fine and good, we are going to show you how to get Twitter followers in just nine (9) simple and best ways to gain twitter followers, but before then, feel great and relax yourself for the moment, because you are going to be a Tweeter-in-chief of your sector just after these simple tips from us.

1. Try to complete you Profile

This may sound obvious right? But the amount of accounts that have not fully completed their profiles is quit shocking. Tweeting without a picture or bio can lead to suspiciousness of your truthfulness. Try to upload good profile and header images as well as an eye-catching background picture and write a good, short, snappy bio, bearing in mind that you only have small space to say what you needs say i.e about 160 characters.

2. Always add a link to your ‘About’ page from your website in your bio data

If 160 characters shows preventive, why not put a link to the ‘about’ page of your website. This will not only help the people you are courting to become your followers get to know you better, but it will also send them straight to your website to drive more traffic to it.

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3. Mark your Twitter attendance visible to public

Since you want to get more followers and grow your Twitter community, try get your Twitter name out there; make sure it’s visible on your website front page, your email signatures and other company materials. Nobody’s going to follow you if they don’t know where to find you. It is highly sensible to leave a ‘follow me/us on Twitter’ call-to-action on your website too, these will help you a lot in building your twitter followers.

4. Post Public Interest Post

Have it in mine that this twitter is a social media where important information are always shared and deliberated upon. When your mission is gaining influence on Twitter, sharing information that people want to see is absolutely vital. If you’re spamming up everyone’s newsfeed with the same updates over and over again, you’re not going to get anywhere because they will be tired on the same information. What will you do? Find some fascinating and relevant content to tweet in order to interact with your Twitter followers and to gain new ones. Do this regularly and you’ll be afflicting up the retweets and mentions to grown your Twitter Followers and community.

5. Tweet well and tweet regularly
This very number is very important because so many have been making same mistakes over and over again. This is not the same as logging on at 12 O’clock, posting ten tweets in quick succession and then leaving your account for another day. Lunch your tweets across the day, it is far more effective and you won’t annoy any followers that may think you’re spamming up their Twitter feeds. It also means that you will reach a wider audience because not everyone is on Twitter at the same time of the day or at the time you login to post all those tweets.

6. Make sure you follow the right people

Always know that you are not the only one people should follow, and that you are not the only person following so follow other people in the industry and some of them will follow you back, it’s that simple. Using Twitter’s advanced search feature you can, say, look up everybody who has tweeted about recruitment within a fifteen mile radius of UK. Use the Discover tab on the platform to check out Twitter’s suggestions of whom you should be following they are targeted based on your account and tweets over the time.

7. Remember to follow back

Just as I have already said in number six (6).When someone follows you, it is courtesy to follow back. It’s likely that others will be doing the same, so if you don’t follow back fellow Twitter users you may end up losing followers. However, make sure you only follow back people who are relevant and whose tweets are of general interest for you. Otherwise, your Twitter feed will be bombarded by spam or totally irrelevant updates. So just take note of that.

8. Are you leaving enough space for someone to Re-Tweets you?
Try to leave or give room for people to re-tweet you back because it is very important. Retweets are a great way to get noticed and increase the reach of your updates. Leave enough space for someone to include the re-tweet symbol and your username. This is generally somewhere around twenty characters, but will be different depending on your username.

9. Try to repeat your most popular tweets
Do you know that your most popular tweet is capable of fetching you about 30 percent traffic it gave to you website when it was newly tweeted or posted? Most people fail in this very aspect because they never knew they can actually get followers again from previously tweets. Try to ask yourself this one important questions:

1. How many people were not on tweeter when I posted this and how many are on tweeter today?
Try not to spam, but if some of your tweets have performed really well, it would be a good idea to share them again or maybe even once every 2-12 hours to reach the widest audience possible and available in this period.
All the above ways are capable of helping you get Tweeter followers and these ways can also be applied in many other social medias such as Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblre, etc.

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