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How to Secure my Facebook Account From Hackers..From my previous post on how to recover a hacked Facebook account, i saw a great reason why Facebook account hacking is the most common hacking trend in our social platforms hacking about a two percent of facebook accounts every single month. Facebook being a best platform for amateur hackers to explore their ideas and test their codes through links in messages to users with aim at steeling login details to explore their purposes.

How to Secure my Facebook Account From Hackers has been one of the frequently asked questions in the internet, but i assure you after reading this post with all the required measures put down in respect to this topic of discussion i am going to show you ninety-nine percent if not hundred how to secure your facebook account.

Facebook being one of the largest Social Community where all continent connect to at almost the same second making people see more reason to use internet. In this Post i’m going to share with you simple reasons why facebook accounts are being hacked the a better way how to secure Facebook account from hackers.

Ever since thefacebook was created on 4th February 2004 by the 19 year old Former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg while in Harvard and became more popular within the years.
Many Fraudsters has began to use it to run their own personal goals.

Why Is My Account Hacked?
This is a FAQ in the minds of victims of such circumstance. Facbook Accounts are being hacked for so many reasons including these major ones:

1. Stealing of Personal Details
2. Impersonation
3. Being Noticed As a Fraudster.

1. Stealing of Personal Details:

Many Facebook accounts are being hacked for this very reason, that is why i advice every one who is frequently sending confidential details through Facebook message to delete immediately received. Because if a hacker succeeds in hacking your account and sees confidential details like cards number, Bank Verification Number (BVN) and some other vital details, and you would not only suffer the lost of hacked account but you might even lost your account balance to Zero.

2. Impersonation:

I have been a victim of this when my Account was hacked ones and the hacker begins to plead with my Facebook friends to support him with finance for a surgery and some of my friends began to give me calls thinking it was me…but thank God i succeeded in recovering it because he only changed my password then.

3. Being Noticed as a Fraudster:

This is similar to the number two above but here the Fraudsters are not even looking for your details, their major target is not to be caught by Facebook Team so they look for a Facebook account up-to Three and Half years old so that Facebook would not block them easily while they carry out their
activities as Facebook users.

How to Secure my Facebook Account From Hackers

Please this steps i’m about to share with you  are practical steps and they have worked for me throughout.

  • Always Logout from every device you login your Facebook account.
  • Make sure you review and try to understand every link shared to you on Facebook message.
  • Do not accept Friends which you already know are your Facebook friends as hackers create similar account in order to track your login details.
  • Always use strong Password for your Facebook account (e.g **2Bright+!@Gist^&^^%*^)
  • Use Recommended Application for Facebook (Lite, Facebook, Messenger)
  • Always Change your password when Facebook report a case of unusual activity in your account.

Hope you found this helpful? Read more on how to Hack Wifi Network and Unlock Customized Modem  and share with your friends as to help secure their Facebook account too.

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