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Mailchimp Tutorial pdf-Brightgist

mailchimp tutorial
Have you ever thought of having a mailchimp tutorial pdf? dont worry, we are going to give you a mailchimp tutorial pdf and even a mailchimp video for more clarification and better understanding on how to use Mail Chimp Step by Step and Email Marketing.
Now have you ever heard of mail chip? Or thought of email marketing before? Now we are going to giver you the necessary information on email marketing and mail chimp which is the largest email marketing platform. In addition to this we are going to place a video as we have already stated above being a tutorial on our YouTube channel for you to watch and have a clear view of what we are trying to say.
We are going to discuss important features of Mail Chimp such as Campaign, Templates, List, Report and Automation.Now i believe we are good to go.
The first thing you have to do is create an account.

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This is very easy and free.
1. Just Log into Click Here and Sign up free and follow the instructions by filling in your Email address, Username and Password.
Remember to check your email for confirmation.
2. Now Login with Username and Password you provided at the process of registration > and you will see “Welcome to Mail Chimp, “Username” as your dashboard.
3. Now you go straight in creating your LIST because this is where your subscribers are.
4. After creating List by following the instructions.
5. Go to settings and change some settings in List name and default and select the necessary settings.

6. After the above savings, you go to signup form. Now you select the form you want to create first
Now this is where we would stop for Mail Chimp account creation and and setting up of mail chimp account.
Click here to watch a live video on this tutorial


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