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diy air freshener baking soda

Production of Odour neutralizer -diy air freshener baking soda: Odour neutralizer is simply what reduces or ends a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one.  In this tutorial today, i am going to show your just simple steps for the preparation of Odour Neutralizer which most people call Air freshener (diy air freshener baking soda). If you have been finding time to go through most of our Tutorial Post on Entrepreneur, you will discover that we just give you what you really need…Most people from our social media pages especially Facebook and


have been making us understand so. As i have already mention the keyword of production today, we are going to list the necessary Chemicals needed for this preparation and how to go about. Mine you i have said in most of my previous post that the names we use here most times are not their Chemistry names but market names in order to get the chemicals easily. Now have it in mine that this preparation will take over 24 hours to prepare and all chemicals listed and quantified can be manage using our prescription.

Materials                       Quantity Needed
Water                               40 Liters
Park-R                              1 Cup
Menthol                           8 table spoons full
Preserver                         2 Cups
Color                                2 spoons or to your taste
Perfume/Essential Oil   2 bottles (Combination of different perfumes)

Function of each Chemical listed Above


  1. Menthol:-Minting Fragrance
  2. Preserver (Sodium benzoate):-Preserve the product and Thickens it
  3. Color:-For attraction
  4. Perfume: For fragrance
    NOTE: You can use any perfume of your choice and some of the suggested once include: Ambipur,Identical,Strawberry,Banana,Element Mango etc.

    Procedure for Preparation
    1. Soak Park-R for 24 hours
    2. Add soaked Park-R into the water which act as base and stir
    3. Dissolve the menthol crystal with little quantity of perfume and add into the mixture then stir
    4. Add the Sodium benzoate and stir
    5. Dissolve the color with little quantity of water, add and stir.
    6. Keep the mixture to settle and you have a good product.
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