Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

See Latest Details of Robbery Case in AE-FUNAI Science Lecture Hall

It has always been a normal routine in the Universities for students to read in campus classes (T.D.B) as many students finds it difficult to read in noisy areas especially those living in hostel.
Comparing the Limited light supply in Ikwo the Head Quarters of Ikwo L.G.A of Ebonyi State, Students do fine it better to return back to campus in the evening to power their gadgets and run other school assignment.

It was about 8:32pm in the evening of Wednesday 13th March, 2019, just few hours down from the 2018/2019 Matriculation Ceremony of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike, Ikwo. When some students were Robbed on Gun point at the School Science Lecture Hall Permanent site by unknown men, who forcefully made away with ATM Card and Phones belonging to some of the students who went to read and prepare for Mid-Semester Exams on-going for 200 and 300 level students in the school.
Speaking with one if the students, He said
“I came out to answer call not to disturb the students that were inside reading, I moved a bit to science lecture hall 1.. Two guys just passed and look at me, and then i came out inside the compound when i heard a gunshot. I saw the fire thinking it was knockout at first, I went into the class again… Looking through the window i saw students running like helter skelter. That was when i knew it was not a joke.
Packing my properties a guy from faculty of science whom I don’t know his department told me he was on gunpoint, as we were still contemplating someone from a dark corner shouted ” Una Still De There abi?”That was when everybody disappeared. But i so much thank God for a Final year students who was saved miraculously? Her laptop where all her project work was, was left there untouched by the robbers”
“This issue of stealing is becoming alarming compared to the amount being paid for security levy in the school” other students around lamented as one of the students said…
“I saw two boys one was Slim and the a little bigger than the other running towards College of Medicine Faculty but I can’t stop them since I was afraid of being hurt”

Please Be security Conscious in all you do…

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