Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Six Social media Effects on Your Daily Life


Social media is very important in our lives today. It makes connecting with friends, clients, partners and strangers easy. It is also a great tool for accessing information while serving as a market for businesses to find customers. I will disclose just the major Social media effects on your daily life in this post which will be of great help in your social life.

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About three billion people across the globe are on one or more social media networks ranging from

Facebook which is that largest Social media in the world, WhatsApp, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter. This represents about 40% of the world’s total populace.

On average, we spend between two to sixteen hours online every day, with teens spending more hours online than older people. With the “always online” feature of most social media networks, many of us are only a notification away.

However, social media usage may predispose us to great risks to our mental and physical health. These side effects are related to our mental health and well being, and also include great risks to our physical health. Some side effects of social media on our health include⇓

Poor Performance in School

I can boldly tell you that this is one of the major social media effects on our daily life check it out very well, you will have to see reasons why students fail in their courses in school which they ought not to. This is as a result as too much concentration on new post, how many likes have i got? and so on. I advice student to keep their phones away from them during exams period in order to have good performance.


Drowning in social media. Photo: The Insiter

A link between social media use and depression has been identified. This suggests that people previously battling low moods could be tipped into clinical depression due to the quality of interaction on social media, cyber bullying and engaging in arguments on these platforms.


Researchers have found that social media addiction could be as serious as nicotine addiction. Also, people addicted to social media exhibited physical withdrawal signs and symptoms when access to social media was revoked.

Loneliness and envy

Envy from following the activities of other users on social media may lead to comparisons between one’s finances, body image, and successes to that of other users. This may lead to low self-esteem and feelings of extreme loneliness.

Sleep disorders

Most social media users are active the most at bedtime. Due to its addictive nature, their activities often spill into their allotted sleep time. This social media effects on your daily life affects one’s health as sleep is essential for good health, and a lack of it leads to a variety of complications. This is a good social media effect too because persistent disruptions in sleep patterns may lead to sleep disorders.

Sedentary lifestyle

young cell phone addict man in bed using a smartphone

Social media effects on your daily life⇒ With social media sites accessible on mobile devices and computers, many users are often stuck to their seats or beds while using these platforms. This leads to long hours of inactivity and a lack of exercise.

Eye problems

Having eye problems is a social media effects on your daily life and it’s complication may result from constant exposure to screens when using social media. because some people are so addicted to social media that they can’t stay away from their phones for at least one hour, which results to constant exposure the eye to screen light which is not too advisable by medical Practitioners.

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